Crisis Interviention

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I will be discussing the reasoning for crisis intervention skill in the law enforcement and how they use these specific techniques to avoid a crisis situation. In part two of this paper a specific scenario will be discussed as well as what I think the officer would do in that particular type of crisis situation and how he or she will intervene.

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Part I

Public safety personnel are exposed daily to a variety of potentially traumatic events, including human tragedies such as abused and distressed children, the aftermath of domestic violence, horrific motor vehicle accidents, disturbing crime scenes, disasters, and acts of terrorism. Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is an effective and valuable crisis intervention system designed to mitigate the impact of these traumatic incidents on police officers and other emergency responders.

Law enforcement has long since upgraded from horses to cruisers, from call-boxes to radios, and from revolvers to semiautomatic pistols, but equipment is not the only aspect of policing that has changed. With each innovation and improvement in equipment, the training and mindset of the officers who serve their communities must also change. With these changes comes increased exposure to stress and traumatic events. It is incumbent upon visionary administrators to find ways to provide for the psychological well being of their law enforcement officers so that these officers can continue to provide their valuable service. This article demonstrates three aspects of CISM: how the system applies recognized crisis intervention principles to the high-risk/high-exposure population of law enforcement; how its interventions effectively encourage personnel to...
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