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Topics: Love, Marriage, Mavis Gallant Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Mac Keck

Mrs. Posey

Love In Literature

18 April 2013

Fake Love, Common Interests, and Marriage

Love is defined by dictionary.com as “an intense feeling of deep emotion.” Love is not something that should be forced, because of common interests, intelligence, or good weather. Love is much more natural, it is not an equation to be solved; it is an emotion to be felt. Who one decides to marry is one of, if not the biggest decision one has to make in his or her life, it should not be taken lightly. In Mavis Gallant’s short story, The Other Paris, Gallant mocks humanity’s modern day over analyzing of love through narrative voice and characterization to prove that love is not something that should be forced or solved, but something that should happen naturally on its own. The first way Mavis Gallant mocks humanity’s over analyzing of love to prove that love is not something that should be forced is through narrative voice. Gallant first expresses narrative voice when she says, “From a series of helpful college lectures on marriage she had learned that a common interest, such as a liking for Irish setters, was the true basis for happiness” (24-27). Gallant has a very sarcastic tone towards Carol as well as anyone who believes that marriage and happiness can be found through a common interest, or the setting that someone proposes. Gallant along with many others believes that marriage should happen naturally, and she expresses that through her narrator’s sarcasm. Gallant’s narrator next mocks Carol’s foolishness when the narrator states, “Love required only the right conditions… given a good climate, enough money, and a pair of good-natured, intelligent (her college lectures had stressed this) people, one had only to sit back and watch it grow” (46-47… 50-53). Love is not a plan; it does not grow. Gallant’s narrator tone is extremely sarcastic and mocking towards Carol once again, Gallant firmly believes that Carol is way over...
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