The Theme of Love in "Martin Eden"

Topics: Love, Social class, Martin Eden Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: March 12, 2012
The Theme of Love in “Martin Eden“

Many writers have written a lot of pieces about love. But what is love? Many of them thought that it is a fairy tale which can last forever. But love is much more. Love takes hard work, patience and understanding but it can also be painful and sad. That is the reality of love. In “Martin Eden“, a novel written by Jack London, love is a major theme amongst two main characters Martin and Ruth.

At first Martin thought that their love is a fairy tale love because he idealized Ruth and everything what was related with her. He tried to fight for their love – he did everything to get better education and manners. He wanted to prove to her and himself that he is worth to be with her but he didn‘t understand their relationship like it can‘t be real because Ruth and her world were superficial.

This novel showed that real love can‘t be based on material things like wealth or recognition. People can‘t be happy together if there aren ‘t real feelings. Jack London also showed that it is difficult for two people from different social classes to be happily in love with each other because their values and understanding of world or life are not similar.

So, Jack London wanted to say for us that we have to look at people with open eyes, not through rose – coloured glasses because only then we can realize whether that person is for us. Two people from different worlds can‘t be together and we can clearly see that in “Martin Eden“.
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