Anticipatory Guidance

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Parents can encourage further independence by letting them do more things on their own.

Our client is at Piaget’s preoperative stage Toddlers at this age start saying ‘no’ more often: He is pushing his limits of independence and is eager in exploring his environment. As a result, temper tantrums are normal and is expected.

Refrain from using hanger for disciplinary purposes, as the child might imitate the same behaviour on younger children or his brother. Use discipline (“time out”, gentle restraint) to teach, not punish. Praise for good behaviour.

Health and nutrition:

Establish proper eating habits:

By offering a variety of nutritious foods at meals and provide only nutritious snacks between meals: To emphasize a healthy diet to prevent progression of obesity in childhood and adolescence.

To help kids look forward to meals as a family.
Encourage the child to help with food preparation and table setting: which is also important to build constructive family relationships. Parents should encourage conversations at mealtimes and make mealtimes comfortable.

Cleanliness and hand hygiene: Important as HFMD among children is on the rise in Singapore (statistics referenced)


Sleep affects every aspect of development. It will be good if parents can Reinforce bed time routines to ensure adequate sleep: Our client seems to be a curious and inquisitive child and might not want to sleep. Parents need to ensure adequate sleep and discourage TV, homework or eating in bedroom. It would be good to help the kid start to wind down about an hour before bedtime with slower-paced activities such as reading a book.

Vision screening:
Early detection and treatment of myopia: This is something to look out for due to the increased usage of handheld devices and computer games. There are an increase number of children with myopia, especially in Asia. Myopia needs to be picked up early and corrected.

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