Anti War Art

Topics: Israel, George W. Bush, 2003 invasion of Iraq Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Contemporary Anti-War Art
Especially the Iraq and Afghanistan war triggered a range of anti war art. There is an American website set up by artists to support anti war protests: – allowing free download of graphics.

Compared to other contemporary anti-war art Banksy's work is rather subtle, intelligent and witty – and as such probably more influential than the into your face art later on in this text and that often concentrates on a morally driven and mainly emotional appeal along the lines that war hurts and kills people and so on.

New York, Museum of Natural History 2005
His one line art (in a good way) and his public stunts in which many of them were “published” made them famous and instantly well known. This image has been hanging at the Museum of Natural History, New York. (Banksy 2005a) As done in other instances Banksy simply went in there in May 2005 and glued the frame to a wall, which led to world wide recognition. (Michael 2006) The name of this “species” appears Latin, but actually reads: With us or against us, which unfortunately is the simple principle that often seem to dictate US foreign policy and let to a lot of military action. George W. Bush for instance addressed the US congress in 2001 saying: "Either you are

with us, or you are with the terrorists." - leading to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Very slick and excellent witt. Other Banksy work:

Palestine 2005

Bansky went to Palestine in 2005 to make a rather unique political statement. The founding of Israel in 1948 had let to a displacement of Palestine people from their homelands and in the consequence to a war like situation in that region that is still not resolved today and had cost thousands of lives. Israel increased the pressure when it built a monumental wall trying to keep people out of their territories. The protest not necessarily against the establishment of an Israeli state itself, but against its policies of...
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