Anti-Flammatory of Banana Flesh

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  • Published : October 5, 2012
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Skin is a main protection or barrier for preventing the entry and invasion of pathogenic microbes to the body from the environment. For humans, wound cases are very common such as due to surgery, traumatic, skin burn and others which leads to loss of integrity of the skin as a body’s main barrier of outer surface. Wound healing is a very complicated process, as the body needs to not only close up the wound and clean out any debris and dead tissue, it then needs to fill in areas where tissue was lost and essentially connect the skin back together. It has its natural process with three phases, the inflammation phase, proliferation phase and re- absorption phase. It is influenced by many factors including the kind of medicine or drug used. The use of medicine or drugs is aimed to accelerate the wound healing process and to prevent infection. The different drugs used for wound treatment could be used in many ways and in kinds. One of these kinds used for treatment is herbal medicine. The use of traditional medicinal remedies and plants in the treatment of wounds is an important aspect of health treatment and at the same time a way to reduce the financial burden. Several plants used as traditional healing remedies have been reported to treat skin disorders, including wounds. One of the plants which have a great potential to be explored as medicinal plants is the banana plant. This plant grows well, easily and found in huge number. People use this plant mainly for its fruit and leaves. The stem is mainly used for ruminant feed and some cultural activities but what caught the researcher's attention is its therapeutic effects on wound healing. Banana stem contains serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, tannin , Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C that are very essential for the body in the wound healing process. The banana stem sap contain components that functioned as antibiotic and accelerated the...
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