Synthetic of Banana Oil

Topics: Ester, Acetic acid, Distillation Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Date: April 23, 2012
Subject: Preparation of Synthetic Banana oil

Summary: Banana Oil is a major flavoring in many different mixtures from candles to different types of food. The major organic chemical that is banana oil is ester, which is what gives it its strong odor. In this scenario, the banana oil supply is running low for Cavendish Distilling Company. So they want to formulate a synthetic version of banana oil to replenish their supply. Problem: Will the synthetic version of banana oil, is similar in taste and chemicals components to natural banana oil. Hypothesis: Based on the information obtained I believe that the synthetic banana oil, will be chemically similar to natural banana oil. Procedure: To begin this experiment the reaction mixture of banana oil was already performed prior, by a process of reaction and separation under heat reflex. Purification and analysis will preform, by a simple distillation process. 21.44 g of banana oil will be used at the beginning. The liquid distillation occurs when the temperature reaches between 132-143 C, collect all the liquid in the vial after the temperature reaches this point. Last record the gas chromatogram in order. Conclusion: During this experiment, the product that condensed during the distillation process was 10.08 g in the first flask and 9.08 g in the second flask, at a temperature of 132 C. This proves that a synthetic version of banana oil can be manufactured and sold with similar chemical properties to natural banana oil. Also that no harmful effects will occur to the consumer if take or used in flavorings of food.

1. A.) Calculate the amount of isopentyl acetate that should be present in the reaction mixture at equilibrium, based on the quantities of the starting materials you used and a value of 4.2 for the equilibrium constant. B.) Estimate the mass of isopentyl acetate that was lost 1) during the distillation. Assume the ester’s solubility in aqueous NaHCO3 is about the...
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