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The Central Steering Committee for Anti-Corruption

The Central Steering Committee for Anti-Corruption established according to the Resolution 1039/2006/NQ-UBTVQH of August, 28, 2006, of the Standing Committee of the XIst National Assembly of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam. I. Position and functions of the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee having the responsibility to direct, coordinate inspect and urge anti-corruption activities throughout the country.

II. Duties of the Steering Committee.

1. To direct and urge agencies, organizations, units and competent persons to inspect the implementation of the provisions of the Law on Anti-Corruption.

2. To direct and urge examination, inspection, audit and investigative activities; to urge and direct the inspection of prosecution and adjudication of serious and complicated corruption cases of particular public concern.

3. To direct the coordination of activities of examining, inspecting, auditing, investigating agencies, procuracies and courts with a view to enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of combating corruption.

4. To direct, inspect and urge agencies, organizations and competent persons in the handling of complaints and denunciations about acts of corruption and information on corruption cases detected.

5. To direct and inspect the management and supply of information and propagation on corruption prevention and combat and specific corruption cases, ensuring timely, accurate, honest and objective propagation; to direct agencies, organizations and competent persons to strictly handle cases of false reporting and acts of taking advantage of propagation and information on corruption prevention and combat to slander other people....
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