Anthony Weiner's Case

Topics: Communication, Twitter, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Anthony Weiner's Case [Research Paper]
The Anthony Weiner case is about this Congressman Anthony Weiner, exposing his genitals on Twitter to women. Anthony Weiner has been sending inappropriate images of himself on the Internet, and was not caught until today when a college student brought it to the authorities. He broke the trust of maintaining a healthy married life with his wife, representing decorum for public image, and protocol of virtual on-line communication (Siegel). It was disgusting because politicians were “suppose to be protecting their communities from such perverts but at the same time it is humorous how people can degrade themselves,” and as a result, “people would put themselves in this awkward position” (Tantaros). In the news, we see those who portray themselves as victims of the Internet by using such a publicly used piece of technology for private purposes. Despite Weiner jokes, Congressman Weiner was clearly popular amongst the young and progressive alike. He was powerful and bright, but he slipped up; as a result, all hell broke loose. He underestimated the power of on-line media communications and became its victim. “He never had sex with these women”, but he did not act responsibly (“Another”). As a result of the case of Congressman Anthony Weiner, trust was lost due to the decision to self-disclose himself, his privacy was sacrificed, and the misusage of Twitter gave the wrong interpretation in his message. The trust of the people was lost because of his actions. Trust is the key ingredient to be a role model in society and Anthony was elected to represent the society. Trust is based on the self-disclosure being disclosed to another. It exposes vulnerabilities that can help either make you or break you. In this case, Weiner disclosed private information nonverbally to not only the college student but to other women (Belinda). By disclosing this information, the trust was lost to him as a result of Twitter. He did decide to put the...
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