Jerry Sandusky Case

Topics: Joe Paterno, Penn State Nittany Lions football, Pennsylvania State University Pages: 4 (1506 words) Published: April 7, 2012
Naomi Abreu

Currently in the news, there is a major event that pertains to the topic of the psychology of trauma. This event is the investigation of Jerry Sandusky and his alleged conviction of sexual abuse. Jerry Sandusky, an assistant football coach at Penn State University, has been accused of sexually abusing boys in the basement of his home and in the school workout room and locker room. This investigation was triggered by one of the victims who went to the police and since then, more victims have come out as well. This boy stated that the attacks lasted for about four years. Jerry Sandusky met the boys though a foundation he started to help at-risk youths in 1977 called The Second Mile. So far there have been eight boys who have come forward to report sexual abuse by Jerry over the 15 years that this program has been running. The mother of one of the victimized boys was suspicious when the encounters of the coach and her son became very frequent and started to become sleepovers. At this point, the boy was doing all he could to avoid Sandusky and even telling his mother to tell the coach he was not home when he called. The victim’s mother became worried and contacted school officials but was told by the official to rethink the situation before reporting anything because of the coach’s strong reputation. She then went to the county Children and Youth Services where enough information was gathered to start a criminal investigation.  Jerry Sandusky allegedly molesting boys led to the legendary Joe Paterno being fired from his position as the head coach of Penn State football team. Paterno has been a coach at the University since 1950, taking over as head coach in 1966. Paterno is not charged with any crimes. However, he is accused by many of not doing enough to help prevent the abuses. This issue has been extremely controversial. Some feel Paterno should have done more to punish Jerry Sandusky after being told in 2002 that the former Penn State...
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