The Second Mile Scandal

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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The Second Mile Scandal

Nonprofit organization, which was established to help children who require additional support, is now preparing to cease operation due to one of America’s most shocking scandal in history. Founder of The Second Mile, Jerry Sandusky, was charged and found guilty of child sex abuse. Despite having the responsibility as founder of nonprofit organization for goodwill, Jerry Sandusky committed a crime for which he deserved serious consequences.

The Second Mile is a nonprofit organization founded by Jerry Sandusky, who was the assistant football coach for Penn State University, in 1977. It was founded with the purpose of supporting underprivileged youth, providing help for at-risk children and support for their parents in Pennsylvania. However, The Second Mile is undergoing procedure of deconstruction after Sandusky was found guilty for molesting children who he met through his organization. Jerry Sandusky was arrested on November of 2011 for child molestation which started from 1994 to 2009. On February 9, 2001, Mike McQueary witnessed Jerry Sandusky in the shower with victim 2 (Petchesky, 2012). McQueary went to Joe Paterno, the famous Penn State football coach, who then informed other officials of the University. On March 19, Jack Raykovitz, president of the Second Mile, was informed of Sandusky’s behavior but no further legal actions were taken. The only action that was taken against Sandusky was to prohibit him from bringing the Second Mile children to the campus. The reason to why Sandusky was never convicted before was because the victims were too afraid, ashamed, and confused toward what Sandusky had done to them during their childhood. Fortunately, one of the victims filed charges against Sandusky on 2011 and there were enough evidence, witness, and victims who would testify to get him locked up in jail. This scandal had tremendous effect on the Second Mile. As Stacy Palmer, editor of Chronicle of Philanthropy, point out “You pin...
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