Anthem for a Doomed Youth: Poetry Analysis

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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TP-CASTT Poetry Analysis
By: Matthew S.

Title: Anthem for a doomed youth is a title that sounds like they think the generation that is up and coming is going to fail miserably. Paraphrase: The soldiers in war don’t get a honourable death, they are being killed off like how cattle are being killed of, for the survival of the weaker. The soldier who die’s child[ren] are the ones who know he passed, and know that he meant a lot, but will never know if he died on honourable death, and that’s why they say, “and each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.” Connotation: Imagery: Only the stuttering rifles rapid rattle Pallor of girls’ brows

Personification: Anger of the guns
Wailing shells
Patient minds
Simile: Die as cattle
Alliteration: Rifles rapid rattle
Dusk a drawing-down
Attitude: The poet seems upset that the soldiers that die in war do not get an honourable enough death for being willing to put there life on the line for the country they’re from. He seems sorry for the soldiers not being able to go home and see there family one last time, and there family will never see them again. Shifts: He switches from being on the battlefield in war, to being at a church or cemetery where the family is saying there goodbyes. Title: The title now seems like the poet is upset that the youth are going to have to grow up without a father and he almost feels sorry for them. Theme: Subject: War, soldiers, death, honour, the soldiers child [ren], living with the fact there dad is gone. Theme: A father may go to war to provide for his family, or to serve his country, but when he passes, who feels the pain of them being gone? His family. Now that their father is gone, they are short income, and will have to grow up without having a father figure around the house.
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