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rjAhmed Souraya
Poetry Analysis
TPCASTT Format Poem: My Father By: Russell Wallace
Title: This poem is obviously about a father that might be either amazing, bold or cold. I think its about the actions of a father. Paraphrase: This poem is about a great father and every where he goes he ingrains peace around his environment. He is sweet like crab apples, and a hard-worker. Connotation:

Beside the road he travelled
Under the mountains he climbed
Bears eat crab apples
The sun and clouds through green fields rush by
All the sky long among eagles and owls
The house stands singing
Attitude: The attitude in this poem is punctuality and a mix with a calm, smooth, and confident description about the narrators father and what his father’s shadow is like. Shifts: Each few lines a new stanza is borne describing a situation his father makes better. Title: The title is what I thought it was and it was the delight of a father. Theme: Mainly love and to have gratitude to what you have like your dad before he goes. Away. This poem wants you to appreciate what a normal father is to a son like the author. Dissonance Questions

1. Is the narrator reflecting his father’s attributes or any father everywhere? 2. Why did the narrator make this?
3. Does every father reflect the father in the poem?
Essential Questions:
1. Are parents the key to a beautiful world?
2. Does each religion tell you how to treat your father?
3. Does every person in mankind need a father to guide them?
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