Annotated Works Consulted: Fine Arts Budget Cuts

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Annotated Works Consulted: Fine Arts Budget Cuts
"Arts Cuts at Colleges." New York Times 17 Aug. 2009: 1. MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO. Web. 17 May 2011. All schools are experiencing piercing budget cuts around the nation. Schools are being forced to “nip here, adjust there.” All though the article refers to the cuts as just a nip and adjust, a person would feel like the budget cuts of today’s economy is more like a slash here, burn there. Theses budget cost will force students and teachers to attend new reduced programs at their schools. The cuts themselves are believed to be a “symptom” of a much larger problem- having genuine higher education still exists in our colleges today. Higher education is becoming “streamlined to fit into the demands of the economy, either in terms of conducting basic research that can be exploited for financial gain or by producing competent employees and managers to fill what positions the economy can still provide.” Surprisingly, private school art programs are experiencing the worst of the budget cuts. The percentage of private schools dropping their fine arts program is nearly double the amount of private schools. This article focuses on thirty six connected Arts campuses in the United States that are struggling against keeping their fine arts program alive. It explains how one campus in particular is working tremendously hard to keep their academic programs, which is fine arts, alive at all costs. The campus is currently freezing all faculty staff member’s salary so that they will not have to result to laying-off any of their employees or start cutting any of their lesser taken classes or programs. With the hard and tremendous work that this art community’s campus is doing, with a little help of a microscopic amount of raised tuition of four percent, it is obvious that this school is going to make it through the harsh economy struggles that we are facing today. The school even worked Taylor 2

to raise their financial aid double, to about eight percent, the amount of what their newly increased tuition amounted up to. That way their college can keep the amount of students they had before this recession crisis. The extra aid this college is receiving will allow absolutely no budget cuts of any kind towards their college fine art program. Due to all of their efforts there will be no changes what so ever of the quality of the program, and there will not be any decrease in the type of programs the college has to offer the students to take. Clark, Steve. "Art of survival: New museum strives to remain open despite budget cuts." Brownsville Herald, The (TX) 15 Mar. 2011: Newspaper Source. EBSCO. Web. 17 May 2011. An arts museum in Brownsville, Texas struggles to keep open due to the economic crisis. Govenor Rick Perry’s proposal to suspend funding for the Texas Commission on the arts was not welcoming news to Marcela Hinojosa, who is the executive director of Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts. Sadly, the BMFA has not received any money from the last commission. Perry suggest to axle the arts, which would mean that the arts would potentially lose one source of a grant that they were used to having towards their museum every year. The BMFA’s share has dropped from two-hundred and nineteen thousand to fifty thousand dollars a year. The BMFA declares, “‘we’re running it as tight as we could possibly run this,’ says Rafael Vela, a BMFA board member. ‘There is nothing else to cut. We're on a shoestring budget and it is a skeleton crew 12 months out of the year right now, every day’” (par 6). Money really does matter at a time like this. The BMFA is managing to make interest payment just under forty thousand dollars a year even with the fact that they still owe the bank a whopping six hundred thousand dollar fee. Sadly, the city of Brownsville just opened a new building for their town’s console which was paid from a grant from the Brownsville’s government that came out to a grand total of one point...
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