Animal Farm

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Animal Farm
Animal farm was writing and published just as the cold war began to start. But the events in the book represent the time between 1917 and 1943, and the characters symbolize individuals in Russia at that time period. For example Napoleon (one of the pigs) represents Joseph Stalin who was the second leader for the Soviet Union he helped make it in to a superpower. Napoleon took control of the farm after Old Major passed away. Old Major portrays Karl Marx who was a philosopher, social scientist, historian and revolutionary. In his life time he was not noticed to be any of these things, but after his death people stared to accept his ideas. This also happens in the book they stated to understand Old Major more when he was gone, and also wish he was back when Napoleon started to treat only the pigs better than any of the other animals. He had the other animals working all day to build a windmill for electricity and boxer (one of the horses) represented the working class. Boxer worked day and night because he thought it was going to benefit all of the animals.

After a while Napoleon stared to change all of the rules that Snowball (who represents Leo Trotsky) put in place after Old Major died. There were seven rules but Napoleon changed 4 of them even though he broke all of the rules. One of the rules he changed was all animals are equal. He change it to all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. Napoleon and the pigs represent The Soviet Union as a whole because The Soviet Union wanted to be the superpower of the world.

I plan to write my report on comparison with the book and with the events and people in The Soviet Union, and also how alike the animals in the book are to the people in 1917 to 1943.
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