Corruption of Socialist IdealsExamples

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Analysis of Themes
1.  Corruption of Socialist IdealsExamples of the theme of corruption of socialist ideals can be seen throughout Animal Farm. Once Napoleon takes over as the leader of the farm, his reign becomes corrupted. In the book Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin andSnowball represents Leon Trotsky. The struggle between Stalin and Trotsky during the rise of Stalin is seen in the rivalry between Napoleon and Snowball. In both the book and history, the more politically power and spiteful Stalin (Napoleon) banishes the more idealistic Trotsky (Snowball) from society. This is all done in order for Napoleon to gain more power. Another example of corruption is when Napoleon decides to kill anyone who is against him or he does not trust. The animals on the farms didn’t have a choice. If Napoleon didn’t like them they were essentially dead. This act by Napoleon was very similar to what Stalin did to his counterparts during his era. One last act that shows the corruption of social ideals is when Napoleon disobeys the Seven Commandments of Animalism. Animal farm was formed on these commandments but since Napoleon has all the power he can do what he wants. Then he gets the pig, Squealer, to justify his actions to the other animals. Napoleon eventually goes on to change the Seven Commandments to just one: “all animals are created equal, but some animals more equal.”    (Joseph Stalin)2. Class StratificationAnimal farm was initially formed under the commandment that “all animals are equal” but that is not case. Shortly after the animals take control of the farm, division between classes takes place. The pigs consider themselves “mindworkers” while the other animals are laborers. While the rest of the animals do the work the pigs do not have to do as much physical work. Once Napoleon takes over as leader, the division of class only gets wider. The pigs are able to manipulate the rest of the animals on the farm. Boxer, the horse on the farm, develops the saying “I...
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