Animal Cruelty

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Animal Cruelty
There are many things that are illegal in this country such as; drugs, theft and animal cruelty to name a few. These laws are almost always broken especially animal abuse. For me this is considered one of the worst things that a person can do to an animal because animals can’t defend themselves, people just abuse them for the fun of it or it could also be neglect. What can be done to stop such cruelty against animals?

What exactly is animal cruelty? According to Stacy Wolf, vice president of the ASPCA there is no simple answer because animal cruelty is defined differently from state to state. Offenses that are considered against animals include abuse, neglect, animal fighting, abandonment and practicing veterinary medicine on animals without a license. Wolf also states that in every state the laws for animal cruelty are quite different but cover almost any animal. For example, “New York law covers “ every living creature except a human being”, while California law covers “every dumb creature”.” (Wolf). These states are quite blunt on explaining their laws against animal cruelty. But Arizona gives more of an explanation on which animals are protected under the law which are mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. There are felony provisions for animal cruelty in forty-seven states excluding Idaho, North Dakota, and South Dakota. But before all of these laws were in the forty-seven states, in 1986 only four states had laws against animal cruelty. The human society states that only forty-two out of the forty-seven states had their laws enacted in the last three decades (

There are two types of animal cruelty: intentional and neglect. Intentional cruelty to an animal is when an owner of an animal purposely wants to hurt and cause pain to a poor defendless animal. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which is an organization in the U.K. that helps animals, had a case of intentional animal abuse towards a terrier who’s name is Maggie May. When she just six months old she was run over by a car and instead of taking her to a veterinarian to be treated, her owner tied chopsticks to her broken leg with sellotape. This might seem bad, but what his friends did afterwards was much worse. The next day, after she was run over, his friends decided to put Maggie out of her misery and just kill her. “ The men stood on the dog and forced her back legs over her head, breaking her neck. She was then stabbed several times with a potato peeler by one of the defendants and dumped on grass verge in Ferryhill, County Durham to die.” (RSPCA). Surprisingly, after this horrible torture Maggie May was able to survive. It is a miracle that she was able to survive after what she went through. Gladly, she is now living in a loving home, which she deserves after going through that. But, what they did was horrific and it’s difficult to comprehend as to why someone would do such a thing to a helpless dog that was already suffering. What did Maggie do to them to deserve that? The people who did this were caught and served eighteen weeks in jail. There is literally no reason to abuse an animal in that sort of way or any way. Neglect is the other form of animal cruelty. Neglect is when someone fails to provide an animal with food, water , veterinary care and shelter. “This kind of neglect endangers the animal’s health or can even cause death”(Wolf). A case of horrible neglect is the case of a dog named Beethoven. Beethoven was one of five animals left in the care of man whose parents were out of town and was left to take care of his parents’ pets. By neglecting them, “ they died from heart failure caused by chronic malnutrition and emaciation” (RSPCA). Beethoven was able to survive because he ate parts of the dead cats’ bodies. It is quite shocking how someone can just neglect animals in that sort of way. He was charged and served 20 weeks in jail for the horrible...
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