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Angelina Jolie, even the name has a certain rhythm to it. Love or hate her, you cannot be indifferent about her. To say she is a goddess is stating the obvious.

Has there ever been a more talked about woman since Princess Diana?

It is hard to believe that she only just turned 38, she has achieved in those years what most people will never achieve if they lived to be 100 years. There is no question that Angelina is a trailblazer, always a leader and never a follower. Contrary to opinions that the media has shown over time, she is not afraid to speak and live honestly. The media has created an image of an Angelina that bears no resemblance to who she is, the tabloids especially have turned her life into a soap opera and creating drama where none exists. The tabloids have been especially vicious in their relentless attack on this woman. I ask myself why? What is it about this woman that so threaten other women. As one columnist so succinctly put it, “Angelina does not make us feel good about ourself.” This is a woman who at the age of 26 adopted a child while most of her peers have been parroting to the media about wanting to be a mother, Jolie doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Yes adoption has been going on long before she adopted, but she made it cool and acceptable. She has immersed herself in her humanitarian work, earning her kudos and respect from the experts in the field, she donates one third of her income to so many different charitable organizations around the world. Not only does she give money, she gives her time and her heart. It is a pilot. In my opinion, not many actresses can be pilots. Most insecure, self absorbed people cannot relate to her because she is not a train wreck. People can look at the train wrecks that are other women and feel sorry for them and happily say to themselves:’Thank God my life is not that bad, thank God I am a better mother”, but that cannot be said about Jolie. She is a wonderful mother, a wonderful and loving partner, daughter and sister.

The media tries to portray an image of a cold and controlling woman, but yet again the facts do not bear that out. Everybody that has ever met her always say how sweet and down to earth she is, even Brad Pitt, poor man, did not know what hit him when he met her because the Angelina he met was the real Angelina and not the version created by the media. Angelina is that rare actress that is taken serious both in Hollywood and Washington DC. The media try to create a caricature of her authentic self in an effort assure their readers that one person cannot have it all. At this point, she and Brad Pitt have baffled the tabloid and fiction writers who proclaimed that this union will not last more than six months, here they are going into their third year with four children and more being planned for. To read some of the blogs with the bitter women claiming they are over Brangelina, and yet everywhere they show up, the crowd swell, applauding them. Maybe the tabloids need to get with the program that more people want this couple to succeed. We are constantly told she was a wild child or all the crazy stuff she did seven to ten years ago with her ex husband, funny nobody says anything about BBT’s behavior from back then considering that he was old enough to be her father. Drew Barrymore was a wild child doing drugs and clubbing at the tender age of 10, and let us not forget about Johnny Depp trashing hotel rooms, but of course they are not Angelina Jolie and there is always one rule for her and a different one for everyone else.

Angelina is an enigmatic figure, very intelligent, very passionate and highly opinionated, I can’t say I blame Brad for falling in love with this gem of a woman. Her beauty shines from within. The tabloids have been throwing everything they can at her right now, hoping that they can break her, but my gut feeling is that seeing what she has seen in the refugee camps and the war torn...
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