Grace: Love and Daisy

Topics: Love, Marriage, F. Scott Fitzgerald Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Grace Power
Mr. Sans
The Great Gatsby Essay Test

Option Three: "To what extent is Daisy a powerless female?"

Intro: World War One was to give women the opportunity to show a male-dominated society that they could do more than simply bring up children and tend a home. In the book "The Great Gatsby" by Fitzgerald, it is easy to stereotype and generalize the primary traits of women in this time period. Daisy shows insecurity and the obsession with wealth as her most outstanding qualities. Although Daisy seems powerless and ignorant, she does hold a great deal of power when it comes to love interest and morals.

Paragraph one: Characteristics
Daisy is not happy day to day
Her lifestyle is only for show
Is Rather "fake" and was created illegally
Money has not lead her to "the promise land" but has led her to be discontent and confused.
She is trying to convince herself that she is sophisticated.
She is afraid society will judger her, if they find out who the "real her" is.
Originally portrayed as sweet and innocent.
Flaunts her baby like an accessory.
Whenever company is over Daisy wants her to come out and act like a little play doll.
She is kept in the closet until company comes over and is then radiant and personable, but when leaves she is a bored housewife of little to no importance to the real world.

Paragraph two: Her Power
She does have a mind of her own.
Rediscovers her love with Gatsby by seeing his material goods and Large Mansion.
When Gatsby failed to contact her she ran off and married another man, without even consulting Gatsby.
Tom and Daisy then got married.
Tom had a mistress and Daisy got upset by it.
Her impatience and ignorance of the meaning of true love forces her to marry Tom there and then.
He falls for her which potentially leads to conflict between Daisy and Gatsby.
Gatsby and Daisy were married
Her "sweetness" and...
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