Ancient Art: The Administrative Tablet

Topics: Mesopotamia, Ancient Near East, Neolithic Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: June 14, 2009
Running Head: Ancient Art
Ancient Art
The Administrative tablet was created in 3100-2900 BCE during the Jamdet Nasr period. (Metropolitan, 2006) It is made of Southern Mesopotamia clay and is considered ancient near Eastern Art. The tablet was believed to have been used to document grain distributed by a large temple. The symbols used are straight lines and circles that have been embedded inside of the clay. Before written language, people used pictures and symbols to communicate. This tablet is orange in color with a smooth texture except where imbedded with its pictures and symbols. It also had rounded edges and has been unevenly cut split in two pieces. It is not considered a large piece of art, but compared to a modern day notebook the tablet would be considered rather bulky. The Arrowhead was created in 7000-4500 B.C during the Neolithic period and is considered Egyptian Art. (Metropolitan, 2006) It is made of chert often called flint. This chert was often found in the cobbles lying on the high desert's surface. The Arrowhead is gray in color with a rough texture. It displays sharp edges and could have been attached to wooden shafts or used in spears. It is a much larger blade than the modern day blade, but was very effective during it's time. The Administrative tablet and the Arrowhead were considered very important tools during their time. Although both are very different in color and texture, both are forms of art from the ancient art era.

"Administrative tablet [Southern Mesopotamia] (1988.433.3)". In Heilbronn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000-. (October 2006)
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