Art History - Meso and Egyptian

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This paper focuses on the ruler and their power; it intends to analyze the role of art and architecture within the Mesopotamian and Egyptian hierarchy and its purpose. Throughout history, human civilization has learned to convey messages through various means. One of the most significant of them all is the language of art and architecture. From every corner of the planet, we see this trend. From Egypt to Iraq, from Asia to Africa, art and symbols along with architectures of various types show the power of past leaders. We will discuss how rulers convey their power through art and architecture and the ultimate purpose of that display. The Mesopotamian and Egyptian leaders both demonstrate through their magnificent artistic creations a distinctive bond between themselves and the gods.

Lying beneath the ruins in the heart of modern Iraq are some of the most ancient civilizations known to man. The Sumerian, the Acadian and the Babylonians even pre-date the Egyptians. Some researchers are of the opinion that they were the precursors of Egyptians, and modern research seems to suggest this as а fact. We see similarities in both civilizations in the traditions they followed in terms of art and architecture. The great power of those in power is expressed well in each instance and in comparable ways. It is interesting to note that both civilizations grew along great rivers, for example the Euphrates River for Mesopotamia. The civilization of Sumer was even richer than that of the Egyptians and they had developed а civilized community and way of life based on some of the archeology from the time. Their cities were well planned and had great monuments that were made for their rulers, which is also analogous to the Egyptians. Their rulers were powerful, had а firm hold on their people and liked to be praised and linked with Gods. For this to be achieved, they built some of the most amazing monuments that the world has ever seen, from the Sumerian Ziggurats to the...
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