Analyzing Oq 45.2

Topics: Present, Time, Psychometrics Pages: 4 (1357 words) Published: October 20, 2011
Analyzing Outcome Assessments – Outcome Quenstionnaire (OQ 45.2) Anna Dandelakis
Walden University

Outcome assessments are instruments used by counselors not only to access the client, but also to access the skills of the counselor. There are many outcome assessment instruments available to mental health counselors and the selection of the proper instrument is the first hurdle. Selection should be based on the research support as well as the psychometrics and practicality of the instrument. The OQ 45.2 is an outcome assessment instrument that has both reliability and validity to assess the psychological functioning of an individual over time as well as provide the counselor with information on how to treat most effectively to gain the change that the client desires through therapy. Assessing a client in the present moment, beginning at the intake interview and on a weekly basis will help manage treatment for the client and allow the counselor to know that the treatment does not need to change as long as the scores from the chosen assessment instrument or demonstrating the positive change for the client. Analyzing Outcome Assessments – Outcome Questionnaire (OQ 45.2)

Within the field of mental health counseling, assessing change in a client is important, especially when working with managed care agencies or third-party payers. However, assessing therapy continually is just as important to the client and the counselor. Outcome assessments can provide a measurement of the counselor’s skills as well as the change in clients. According to Whitson (2009), “many clients would responde positively if counselors could provide data showing that the majority of their clients do make significant improvements” (p. 338). Having this evidence to present to clients will encourage the client that the counselor is competent in his/her work. There are many outcome assessments for counselors to choose from and selection of the proper assessment is not an easy...
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