Manage Care and How It Has Affected and Changed Health Care

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Manage Care and How It Has Affected and Changed Health Care

Manage Care and how it has affected and changed Health Care
“Managed care embodies an effort by employers, the insurance industry, and some elements of the medical profession to establish priorities and decide who gets what from the health care system.” (JAMA.2001; pg. 285:2622-2628). Manage Care is part of the Health Care system since 1973 is known as the system that finances and delivers health care to individuals enrolled under their plans. Manage care is intended to reduce the unnecessary health care cost in America through a variety of mechanism that includes medical necessity review programs, economic incentives for physicians, beneficiary cost sharing, control of patients lengths of stay just to name a few. The regulations and stipulations for cost control have made it very difficult for some individuals to get the care they need. Manage is established as a for profit establishment that has a bigger interest in saving cost and making profits than providing quality healthcare. The introduction of managed care has done nothing else but hurt some of the people of this country. The lack of quality of care given to patients is not one of high ethics and acceptance. From their overpriced premiums, the inability to see a specialist as needed, lack of patients to doctors quality time. Those issues and more have put serious hardship financially on the people and the economy. The PCP’s in manage care in Particular have been put in an awkward position of being gate keeper to their very own patients care. The suggested model of managed care physician to patient relationship is built on accommodating the changes they are in need of in financing health care. Physicians in my opinion have an ethical obligation to their patients and the quality of care that they provide to them.

The restrictions and incentives imposed by manage care organizations are designed to modify physicians practice behavior may...
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