Analyzing and Interpreting Data.

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Jeremy Bellows, Belinda Cooley, Rachael Hartman, Autumn Lettieri, Pilar Williams, Abby Wilson
March 11, 2013
Dr. James Gartside

Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Ballard Integrated Management, Inc., provides support services in the field of housekeeping, maintenance, and food services to a variety of corporations. BIMS has a vast list of clientele which include 22 “Fortune 100” businesses. These businesses include midsized firms, major universities, medical centers, and large regional airports. BIMS employs more than 452 full and part-time people, made up of both hourly and exempt staff. BIMS has been experiencing difficulties with a higher than normal turn-over rate of 64% at one of their contracted facilities, the Douglas Medical Center. This center is a 510-bed regional medical trauma center where BIMS management has been dealing with this issue of turn-over. BIMS just recently entered into an additional five-year contract and is concerned about its performance as a result of this turn-over rate.

Ballard Integrated Management, Inc., is trying to determine the reason behind the higher than normal turn-over rate at their DMC facility. Their typical turn-over rate was 55% to 60%.

As outlined in the table below, BIMS has hired over 452 full and part-time employees for various positions. An initial survey was presented to 449 employees, excluding management exempt employees. The goal of the survey was to discover what the employees thought about their positions in the company and feelings toward BIMS. Applying the reasoning of statistics, they applied the tools of descriptive statistics. Ballard Integrated Managed Services, (BIMS)|

Total number of employees| 452|
Total number of employees surveyed| 449|
Recent Rate of turnover| 64%|
BIMS Average percent of turnover | 55-60%|
Number of employee surveys returned| 78|
Percentage of those that answered...
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