Bims Survey Part 2

Topics: Feedback, Negative feedback, Employment Pages: 5 (1863 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Questions one through three, and question five deal with personal job satisfaction rather company satisfaction. Question four, however, should not be considered as part of the employee satisfaction survey due to the nature of the question. Let’s review the results of these questions.

Question one is about how well employees enjoy working for BIMS. As you can see the largest concentration is a rating of 2. However 52% of the employee responses give a rating of 3 or better. Only 75 employees turned in a response to this question and it had a higher dissatisfaction rate of 52% than the others. This question addressed whether or not employees enjoy working their assigned shifts. Questions three is similar to question two as it pertains to having requests for specific shifts filled. Even though there is only a two percent difference in those rated three or above and two or below, we can see that a higher number of employees used the rating of one – very negative. Question five has the overall best satisfaction rate with 54% of employees that gave a response to the question, rating it a three 3 or above. Over half the employees that provided a response feel like they are adequately trained for their jobs. My recommendation for BIMS is to talk with the scheduling manager to encourage more employee participation in scheduling shifts. I would also encourage managers to seek out employee input around training issues. Ask if they feel they are receiving enough training or need to be trained in different areas. You are paid fairly for the work that you do. The majority of participants selected 2 on the scale from 1-5. The selection of 2 represents negative. Close behind was the selection of 1, which represented very negative. There were zero selections of 5, which represents very positive. This reveals that the majority of employees do not agree with that they are paid fairly. BIMS should look at this data very carefully, as it can reveal the mind frame of employees. If they do not feel they are compensated well, then the quality and efficiency of their work might suffer. Your supervisor treats you fairly. The answer that was selected the most for this question was 2, which represents negative. The rest of the scale options were answered almost equally. Despite the high selection of negative, we recommend that this issue is not a high concern for BIMS. The 27% that do not think their supervisor treats them fairly should be studied, to find the problem. It is a good sign the rest of the employee participants equally distribute between very positive and very negative. This reveals that there is a good amount, 18%, that agree with their statement. BIMS should find the problem between the supervisor-employees relations to improve the conditions. Your supervisor’s boss treats your division fairly. The answer that was selected the most for this question was also 2, which represents negative on the scale from 1-5. This answer was the highest selected with 22 of the 78 participants selecting this answer. The next highest score was a 1, which indicates very negative, with 15 of the participants selecting this score. This question reveals how the employees feel in regards to their supervisor’s boss. Since they do not feel their division is being treated fairly, this will show through their actions in the workplace. BIMS needs to ensure fairness in all divisions, and review what aspects need evaluation. The company is good at communicating. This question also revealed negative results. The most selected answer was 2 (negative), with a score of 32 out of 78 participants. The next highest selection was neutral with 24 of 78 participants selecting. None of the participants in the survey selected very positive for this question. This means that of the 78 employees, 0 think that the company is good at communicating. This is a major revelation for BIMS, as communication is an important aspect in all parts of business. You do...
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