Analysis on Chris Burden's Shoot

Topics: Art, Conceptual art, Performance art Pages: 4 (1121 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Formal Analysis:
A review of Chris Burden’s “Shoot”
and its relation to Conceptual Art

Kuan Lee
Art History AHIS-102, Tues 10:30 – 12:00
Professor Trish Kelly & Michael D. Barnholden
Oct. 8th. 2012.

Conceptual art is one of the recent developed art forms which mainly focus on the on the concept or the idea that involves in the artwork over the technique employed for its presentation. This art form emerged as a major movement in North America during the early seventies, especially on the west coast California. Since the most important aspect of conceptual art form is the idea, conceptual artists have often been challenging and experimenting different methods in term of presenting their ideas or message behind the work. Many conceptual artists believe “human body is the most suitable medium for communicating with the audiences of the art work(Carorun – Conceptual Art, n.p)” because it combines the qualities the visual arts, body movements and acting skill. Therefore, Performance art, also known as Body art has become one of popular methods which frequently performed by conceptual artist in a manner intended to use fear and shock as proponents of their art form to introduced their concepts.

Chris Burden, an artist who graduated from the University of California, is unquestionably one of the pioneers in the field of the performance art using pain and fear as proponents in his work during the early days of conceptual art. Chris has made a series of controversial performances in which the “idea of personal danger as artistic expression was central(Chris Burden – Wikipedia, n.p)”. His most well known act of that time is possibly “Shoot” in 1971. This particular performance was documented in both video and series of photographs. Although the quality of these documentations are not in excellent condition as supposed to there were recorded nearly forty years ago; however, even until today, art galleries...
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