Artist Binh Danh

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  • Published : May 28, 2011
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Tri Bui

Prof. Dr. Catie Cadge-Moore

Arts 2F- History of Art

De Anza College

Fall 2010

Artist Binh Danh

One of the most renowned emerging artists of the contemporary art since 1945, Binh Danh was born 9 October 1977, and this Vietnamese-born photographer and artist is most renowned for opening up the enthralling method of printing directly on plant leaves. As in the case of several celebrated artists, Binh Danh also attempted to convey the sanctified visions of his experience which are formed in relation to political violence in his surroundings. Danh along with his family was forced flee Vietnam on a boat at the end of the war in the country and they took refuge in Malaysia. Later in 1979, Binh Danh’s family migrated to California, in the United States, where he is settled now. The artist completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from San Jose State University in 2002 and his Master of Fine Arts from Stanford University in 2004. Significantly, Binh Danh was one of the youngest artists to be offered admission for M.F.S. in Stanford University and he selected the subject of studio art for his Master’s degree. “During his college years Danh invented a unique process for photo-synthetically transferring photo images onto the surfaces of leaves. His first return trip to Vietnam inspired him to create a revelatory body of work employing this technique, what he calls ‘chlorophyll prints.’” (Barlow and Hammer, 7-8) Today, Binh Danh has emerged as a celebrated artist of national importance and his works offer convincing evidence to his Vietnamese heritage and the collective memory of the war in Viet Nam and Cambodia. This paper makes a reflective analysis of the life and works of the artist Binh Danh in order to comprehend the themes, techniques, background, etc of his art works.

In a profound exploration of the life and works of the artist Binh Danh, it becomes lucid that Danh is an...
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