Analysis of Telenor Pakistan

Topics: Mobile phone, Mobile network operator, Telecommunication Pages: 44 (12876 words) Published: May 25, 2010
Awards and Accolades4
Vision & Values4
Our Vision5
Corporate responsibility5
Emergency Response Program6
Khuddar Pakistan7
Fund-raising Initiatives7
Telenor brand9
Macro environment in telecom sector10
Monopoly, a thing from the past10
Privatization and Liberalization10
Cut-throat Competition11
Good quality12
Improves and maintain standard12
Stimulate growth12
Rapidly Expanding Global Market12
Mergers and Acquisition13
Market Integration13
Arrival of the State Of The Art Technology14
Trends in the User’s Device14
Trends in the Carrier Technology14
Trends in the Switching Technology14
Advancement in the Wireless Technology14
Micro Environment in Telecom Sector15
The Market15
De-regulation of Telecom Sector in Pakistan15
Regulatory Reforms, a Snapshot16
Competitive Telecom Market16
Improving Penetration & Tele-densities16
End of Monopoly17
Marketing Objectives and Strategies19
Corporate Strategy:19
Business Strategy20
Market Orientation22
Market Driven Strategy23
Target Market23
The market segments Telenor is targeting include:23
Market Orientation24
Core Competencies27
Telenor’s network coverage28
National Coverage28
International coverage28
The Organization30
The Marketing Functions33
Pre-Paid Packages33
Post-Paid Package34
Mobile Fun Services of Telenor36
Mobile Fun36
The Product Strategy37
Add a new product strategy37
Cost reduction strategy38
Product improvement strategy38
Changes in marketing strategy38
Product Elimination strategy:38
Pricing Strategy39
Promotion Strategy40
Prepaid advertising42
Postpaid advertising43
Sales promotion44
Publicity (indirect channel)44
Distribution strategy44
Customer characteristics45
Distribution centers of Telenor45
The Marketing Profitability48
Market Share48
Infrastructure Expansion51
Conclusion & Recommendations:52


Telenor Pakistan is the fastest growing mobile operator in Pakistan and represents the largest Foreign Direct Investment in the country from Europe, in any industry, ever. The company is the first Greenfield mobile operation outside of Norway by Telenor ASA, the parent group, with an investment of USD 2 billion to date. Increased competition from international operators like Telenor, within an investor-friendly and stable regulatory environment provided by GOP, has been a major driver of growth and productivity in Pakistan’s economy, and has brought down end-user prices to among the lowest in the world. Telenor ASA is an international provider of high quality telecommunications, data and media communication services. It ranks as one of the biggest GSM service providers in the world with over 153 million subscribers. It is also the largest provider of TV services in the Nordic region. It ranks as No. 25 overall and No.5 in Europe in Business Week's global ranking of the top 100 performers in the technology industry. The Group is recognized as the best Mobile Telecom company in the world by the Sustainability Yearbook 2008 and as the No.1 mobile operator on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) 2007. Since its launch of services in March 2005, Telenor Pakistan has exceeded all expectations: It has created the second largest mobile network and the largest and most advanced data network in the local market, turned into the second highest revenue-generating mobile player with the highest Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) in the market, and become the second largest mobile player in the market with 18 million active subscriptions in little more than 3 years of operations. During the first half of 2008, Telenor Pakistan added 3.24 million subscriptions against the industry average of 1.63 million, taking 33%...
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