Teltra Management Essay

Topics: Management, Monopoly, Bureaucracy Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Telstra is a company that floated by government in the past and it is a monopoly company providing the telephone and internet services in the past. However, there are more and more competitors such as Optus and 3 coming up. Telstra still keep using the same management method like in the past 20 years. In fact, Telstra is losing its position in the market. As Telstra think they are monopoly and they do not care about the competitors. They are blocking the network access of their competitors. They also refuse to bid the investment of wireless broadband. It makes the investors disappointed. These are the reasons that Telstra keep losing market share and customers. The management problem of Telstra is they use a classic management method to manage the company. They only focus on what they want in the company but not the customers want. They should change their management method and think more external about the company. This report will argue that Telstra should use a contingency approach to manage the company instead of classic approach. There are different management approaches including classical approach, beahavioural approach, modern approach and contingency approach to manage the company Classical approach has three parts, scientific management, administrative principles and bureaucratic organization. According to Schermerhorn et (2011) stated scientific management is mean emphasizes careful selection and training of workers with supervise support(p.90). It means the manager should carefully select suitable workers for different part of jobs. According to Schermerhorn et (2011) pointed out bureaucratic organization is an efficient organization method that founded on logic, order and legitimate authority (p.91). It can help the company organize with an efficient way. As the classical approach is too bureaucratic and think too internal. A more contingency approach is better for Telstra.

Behavioural approach is Modern approach is mean people are social and...
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