Analysis of Sexual Identity Psy 265

Topics: Mind, Consciousness, Unconscious mind Pages: 4 (1461 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Analysis of Sexual Identity

Marriage is described as a married relationship between two people or somebody’s relationship with his or her spouse. However, it is also much more than that. A marriage is something that requires work, trust, and an open line of communication. The presented situation between Robert and Katy is a sad one, but a very common one indeed. This evening we are going to explore some options as to what they can do in order to see if where Katy’s heart lies and were her physical attractions lie are one in the same, and if they are not, what are some options for the both of them. We will also look and see if they are in the same place in the relationship or if one thinks that they are in one place and they are really in another.

Initially in the relationship of Robert and Katy, it seems as if Katy’s values are those of someone who is selfish, but yet she still needs her needs met. She is influenced by ethical relativism. Ethical relativism assumes that diverse values are basic to human existence. The ethical relativist believes that there is no objective way of justifying one set of moral values over another. In this view, the essence of human morality is to derive one’s own principles and apply them according to one’s own conscience. Opponents of ethical relativism argue that allowing people free rein to determine what is right or wrong may bring about social chaos and decay. (Rathius, 6). Katy is going through the emotions where she is caught in the middle and does not know what on earth to do.

Katy’s critical thinking is that of so many things. She is caught in many different phases and has not really taken heed to what she should think critically about. She is not examining definitions or being cautious in drawing conclusions from evidence. It is like her critical thinking has stopped and she is in an elevator and it has stopped at the basement. She has taken into consideration that she is still very much married, but...
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