Analysis of Hr Practices Across Verticals

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Analysis of HR Practices across Verticals

Table of Contents
Recruitment and selection3
Hiring process4
Training and Development5
The Training Process5
Models of Training6
Systematic Model of Training6
Transitional Model of Training7
Instructional System Development Model of Training8
Variation across Verticals9
Performance Management10
Performance management system10
Differences in goal setting11
Differences in appraisals11
Differences in performance feedback12
Trends and how they differ across verticals12
Recruitment and selection13
Training and Development13
Performance Management13
Reward and compensation13

Human Resources (HR) department of an organization deals with the human aspect/needs of workers. It provides a broad range of services to its employees such as employee safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, organization development. We can broadly classify the HR system into the following:

In this project we have studied how HR practices differ across different verticals of the same organization. Our study focused on the following 4 HR practices and it is based primarily on the interviews that we conducted with the present and ex employees of organizations such as Infosys and TCS.

Recruitment and selection
Hiring process
Hiring process means finding and attracting the applicants for the employer’s current open positions and then screening them as per the job description and job requirements to finally select the right candidate. It consists of two phases:

1. Recruitment phase, which consist of following steps
a. Identifying the possible vacancy
b. Drawing job description and job requirements
c. Source of the process i.e., on campus, off campus, online, etc d. Processing and notifying targeted applicants
2. Selection, which consists of following steps
e. Short listing candidates
f. Interviews/ GD/ Tests
g. Assessment of the candidates
h. Offering the employment letter
The hiring process in an organization can vary across verticals. The reason behind that can be any particular skill requirement for a specific vertical. During our study we tried to analyze the various hiring process in the companies like TCS, Infosys and IBM and various differences across their different verticals. Trends

Earlier for recruitment most of the Indian organization had a centralized process but as some of them have grown in revenue as well as size it becomes very difficult to handle recruitment from a single location. In the case of Indian IT industry companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, etc they have setup their development centers across the country and abroad and they have location specific recruitment teams making it a decentralized process. Independent Resource Management Groups (RMG) are vertically aligned as per the Industry Operating Unit (IOU) in TCS. These IOU’s (Retail, pharmaceuticals, automobile, etc) serves as the business verticals in TCS. Recruitment team gets the job description from RMG of each vertical. In TCS, during the on campus recruitment there are no vertical specific rounds, making it identical for all the business verticals. Fresher's selection doesn’t depend over their technical competency required for IT professional. Candidates with Electronic Engineering background are preferred for EIS (Engineering Industry services) vertical. But for experienced professionals, technical competency in the most important parameter for selection and thus they can have special round during selection process. Internal recruitment in IT companies varies a lot across different verticals. The candidates are chosen from the same verticals and transfer to a different vertical is difficult. Verticals like Hi-Tech and EIS needs high technical competency and thus have...
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