Analysing Knowledge for Practice Option B: Reflective Account

Topics: Nursing, Health care, Medicine Pages: 29 (10784 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Northumbria University in collaboration with Malaysia Allied Health Sciences Academy, Malaysia

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This study will represent my attempt at trying to accommodate the definition of stress among nurses using the means of a reflective account. Throughout this dissertation, I have obtained certain areas that a practitioner will require; in order to bring improvement to my field of study, work and operations that are in accordance to the need to maintain the comfort of patients and minimize the stress level among the nurses who are involved. Reflective account has been implemented into the examination of the areas that will require improvement. The aim of this study is to expose the tangible level of stress among experienced nurses. The level of stress among the nurses will be identified based on a reflective methodology. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) stress is today termed as a worldwide epidemic. Certain types of stress can be termed as unavoidable and at times can even be important for an individual (Cavanegh & Sanpe, 1993). At the same time when an individual is not able to cope with the stress that has been induced on them; it can cause harm to the individual- both from an emotional and physical form. By the 1990s, stress was already classified as the second highest catalyst for sicknesses among human beings (National Audit Office). Stress is one of the most common means of physically hazardous emotional symptoms that affects nurses around the world (Lozarus & Folkman, 1984). Lozarus and Folkman (1984) define job stress as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occurs when the capabilities, resources and needs of the workers fail to match the requirements for the job at hand. Stress is a dynamic relationship that mutually involves the relationship between the person and the surrounding environment ((Lozarus & Folkman, 1984). Stress can affect nurse both internally and externally because the responses that these nurses engage when under stress can be physical, psychological or spiritual. It is already 20 years since the stress was clearly identified as a harmful symptom and yet; the human race is still finding it difficult to obtain solutions in dealing with stress. The institution of nurses is inching closer towards a crisis. An increase in the society’s demand, reduced reimbursement, shortage of nurses and increase of dissatisfaction among patients are combining to induce an increase of stress level among nurses both physically and emotionally. It is natural that nurses are required to maintain the highest of quality in medical care for means of improving the patient’s state of illness. This need for high quality in care is more widely seen as a must in situations involving ICU patients. It is thus extremely important for nurses to have knowledge and experience in organization and proper decision-making procedures. When it comes to stress; being viewed from the perspective of health care organizations, stress is an element that can increase the financial costs. Among the negative results of stress are illness, job satisfaction and an increase in turnover rate while succumbing to a decrease in the quality of nursing. Thus, issues such these need to be given a larger scope by the government for the sake of saving the medical profession and health care industry from the adverse effects of stress.

As a Stated Registered Nurse (SRN), I’ve been working in a private hospital for the past 5 years. Throughout this period, I have been assigned the posting in...
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