Analyse the Imput of Prejudice and Discrimination on Children and Young People

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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A child who is experiencing prejudice and discrimination of some find will impact on the child’s self esteem social development, and emotional development as the child will feel left out, and will feel they are not good enough, being sad all the time, being shy, afraid to say what they truly want, unable to express their feelings being withdrawn which will affect their learning , as if a child not feel apart of their group, will not want to be there in the class this will hold the student behind educationally as the child might know the answer, but because of not feeling a part of the group, will not participate within the class activities and the child will lack confidence in developing friends with peer or adults. This will means the child’s learning will be affected and they will find it difficult to focus on their work. They will lack confidence, and they will not want to participate in activities in class or school, and this will result in them not having the confidence within themselves to developed positive relations with their peers and adults alike. The long term effect of prejudice and discrimination will lead to the child being withdrawn socially, the child will have no confidence in themselves. The child will not focus on their work, so in the long term will not be confident enough and find it difficult to focus on their work. Think themselves being worthless and under achievers by always putting themselves down.
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