An Overview of Information Systems in a Healthcare Organization

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An overview of Information systems in a healthcare organization
Masters in Information Systems Management

CIS 512 – Enterprise Architecture

There is an ever increasing demand for information technology to go hand in hand with the health care organizations like hospitals where all operations from financial to clinical operations need technology support. As care for patients gets the first priority it becomes very important for hospitals to have up-to-date information technology system to share and communicate patient information effectively. Every hospital big or small has an organizational structure which consists of many different departments like administrative, financial, and diagnostic and computer information department. A recent study has revealed an objective correlation between the degree of adoption of technologies in healthcare and reduction of complications and mortality in hospitals (Amarasingham et al, 2009). Most hospitals need to modernize their IT department to enable safer, faster, and more efficient healthcare delivery. The objective of this paper is to illustrate the information system, computing requirements and the various hardware and software needed for implementing modern enterprise architecture to the hospital organization.

Business Requirements of Healthcare Organization

Improve healthcare security and privacy and comply with HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) • The new health information system should integrate smoothly and seamlessly with the core clinical and business operations of the healthcare organization. •Make use of today's most advanced healthcare technologies-as well as tomorrow's-with a scalable, high-capacity IT infrastructure and network advantages. •Reduce Healthcare costs by utilizing appropriate software solutions and IT management tools. This will in turn improve healthcare quality and safety. •Improve and update communications services between patients and healthcare staff and automate the exchange of data. Making faster access to data and hence patient health and recovery. •Improve overall cost management for healthcare IT organizations

Developing information systems for a hospital organization requires extensive technical knowledge of computer hardware, networks, and system software and also through knowledge of business needs of the hospital. When developing an information enterprise system for any organization it is important to follow a series of steps called System development life cycle (SDLC). Activities in the business modeling discipline and the requirements discipline plays a very key role for understanding the business needs of the hospital organization. Design phase determines the type of architectural design, the type of hardware and software, network and the application development tools requirements of the organization.

As hospitals are information-intensive enterprises, it is very important to address business needs of the organization. The most important decisions for implementation of Information systems look into deciding the major components for creating the Information system infrastructure. These mainly include: •Architecture of the information system

Hardware and Software requirements
Network requirements

Computer systems are available in many configurations that vary in CPU power, storage capacity, I/O capacity, number of users, and intended application software. Hospital information system (HIS) is comprehensive, integrated information systems designed to manage the medical, administrative, financial and legal aspects of a hospital and its service...
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