An Ineffective Parenting Style

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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An ineffective parenting style
A twelve-year-old child sent a letter to her mother with the below tenor, “Dear mom, I know that you love me and always want good things for me. It is the reason why you want me to become a singer. You said that singers earn a lot of money; however, I do not want money. I do not want to spend my whole day learning music. I want to go to the themes park. You have promised me that you would take me there, but you did not. Mom, I do not want to become a singer!” Perhaps, what the above child writes for her mother seems very acquaintance to many families nowadays. Although that is not a serious situation, it is the cry for help of many children who have been living in the families with ineffective parenting styles. Some parents do not really think about what kind of style they want to adopt. They unwittingly follow the parenting style of their own parents. However, it is not always good for their kids, especially if they had had bad experiences in childhood. In fact, conservatism is one of those ineffective parenting styles; conservative parents have ruined their children’s future because of three main reasons: excessive coercion, unreasonable prohibition, and cold treatment. First of all, conservative parents always constrain their children to do many things following their requests. Parents have lived for many years, so they think that what they got from their own experience will help children improve their futures. They give many ideas and set beautiful plans for their children without noticing that if it is suitable to the children or not. For example, some parents expect their children to become celebrities when they see the children have some special abilities. They try to find different ways to send the child to special classes hoping that he will be successful in someday. Therefore, the child has to follow what his parents ask because he has no choice for what he likes. Others want their children to be doctors or professors...
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