Parenting Styles

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Describe the three different parenting styles and discuss how they might impact on children’s behaviour. Parenting, style Authoritarian is a strict regime a lot like the Military. Where its, do as I say not do as I do or else?

Parents using this style may have high expectation of their children. They prefer strict rules that are never to be broken, no matter what. They expect their orders to be carried out without being questioned, or the child will be punished. Their child could not talk to or even reason with their parents. This could make a child feel very discontented with any situation, and even may feel unloved. This could make the child aggressive outside the home. They may be fearful and shy around adults. Such children growing up into an adulthood may be unsure of who they are, as they were never allowed to be themselves, or given the chance to explore options or to act independently to make mistakes so never able to learn from them. This then giving them a fear of getting things wrong so they stop trying. Could possibly have issues with trust. These children could be lacking in social skills, warmth and love as they never were nurtured to grow, but could be very good at following rules

Parenting, style Permissive is that you are left to get on with it, has no right or wrong way, having no standards or guidelines. Such a child would know no boundaries. They indulge their child and have no demands on them. They could have a low expectation from their child. The parents themselves may lack in maturity. They do not discipline their child. The child may feel that they are not loved because their parents don’t care about what they are doing. This could make a child become very demanding, especially when challenged by others such as a teacher? The parents could actually be very loving as they would rather be the child’s friend rather than their parent. Things would be very inconsistent in the child’s life as bribery could be the preferred way for...
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