An Incident That Changed My Life Essay

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Finally answered: MHT-CET 2012 or single national medical entrance exam(single CET)? July 23, 2011 By Prof. Rohan Shenoy 17 Comments
Medical Council of India(MCI) has finalized the syllabus of Std. XI and Std. XII for NEET MBBS entrance exam. NEET is the proposed replacement for all state-level medical(MBBS) entrance examinations such as MHT-CET, K-CET, GUJ-CET, G-CET, etc. The syllabus has been outlined by NCERT and a copy of it can be downloaded from here. Comparing the syllabus as outlined in the MCI-NCERT draft with the newly published textbook of Std. XI of Maharashtra State Board, one will find that not only all topics of core syllabus have been covered in the new textbook, but even additional topics have been covered. Thus it appears that all state boards have an obligation to comply with the core syllabus but at the same time have freedom to extend it as per their discretion. That is, the state board exams will be based on the entire textbook but NEET will be based only on the core syllabus. However, the syllabus of the XII of Maharashtra is not as per the guidelines. Since the current academic year has already started, the syllabus cannot be implemented this year. To confirm this, the Maharashtra State Board has already clarified on its official website that the new core syllabus will be effective for Std. XII from academic year 2012 – 2013 only, and not 2011 – 2012. Bottom line is that students appearing for CET in 2012 should leave all worries about whether there will be MHT-CET or single national CET in 2012. MHT-CET will be there in 2012. A leading newspaper reported that MCI is going to conduct the NEET exam in May 2012. It should be noted that this reference is made to the NEET exam of post-graduate courses(MD or MS) and not under-graduate or UG courses such as MBBS. NEET(UG) will come from 2013 only. It however remains unanswered whether admissions to other health science courses such as dental, ayurved, homeopath, physiotherapy, etc. will be...
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