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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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Global Brand Strategy
Unlocking Brand Potential across Countries, Cultures and Markets Reviewed by chidinma Ekemezie

Author: Sicco van Gelder
Publisher: Kogan Page limited
Copyright year: 2003
ISBN: 978 0 7494 4469 3
Number of pages: 256

About the Author
Sicco van Gelder is the founder of Brand Meta, a consultancy firm specializing in global brand strategy. He has conducted projects for clients in North and South America, West and Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific including ABN AMRO Bank, Braun, Brita, De Beers, DuPont, Iams Pet Food, ING Bank, the International Student Travel Confederation, Johnson & Johnson, Hallmark Cards, Heineken, KPN Telecom, Mexx, Philips, Randstad, SCA and Sony Music, just to mention a few. His current work consists of advising and assisting his clients in their global and local brand analysis. Having lived, worked and travelled across many continents, his exposure to their great diversity has greatly helped to develop his understanding of and sensitivity to different cultural, motivational, economic, social and competitive issues Preamble

Sincerely, there have been many branding books of late, they are just ordinary guide for companies, However, for companies like Emzor pharmaceuticals, willing to look into global brand strategy in depth, Sicco van Gelder's Global Brand Strategy: Unlocking Brand Potential across Countries, Cultures and Markets is the only choice. Van Gelder has frequently distinguished himself with his global and cultural perspectives that are intellectually and intelligently analyzed, with no exception to this book, though not to say that this is an academic text. Global Brand Strategy is firmly founded in the real world, thanks to examples that the author has confronted in his experience, upon which the foundation of this great masterpiece is laid. This book is most importantly at home on the practitioner's shelf, with its entire final part (Chapters 9-12) devoted to typical brand issues....
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