An Analysis of State-Owned Enterprise Performance Evaluation System

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Analysis of state-owned enterprise performance evaluation system discussion Posted:2011-8-15 14:02:00
Paper Keywords: state-owned enterprise performance evaluation Abstract: Through the state-owned enterprise performance evaluation study aimed to establish a line of scientific development concept and the correct view required to meet the development needs of the new situation of state-owned enterprise performance evaluation system, based on the appraisal index system characteristics to choose the right evaluation method, applied to build a model of state-owned enterprise for effective performance appraisal.

An effective choice for the investor to provide the basis operators Under the conditions of the modern enterprise system, the essential attribute of capital determines the investor-owned right: the right to choose the operator, income distribution, decisions on major issues, one of the key is to choose the right operator. To establish a scientific and standardized The state-owned enterprise performance evaluation system for the country to determine the business objectives, to carry out business process evaluation, annual performance appraisal or term to provide the scientific method, be better able to avoid the subjective and arbitrary, and key state business appointment and removal of those visits and provide basis for decision making. operator performance evaluation is a means of incentive and constraint operators, basis and cornerstone of evaluation of the ultimate goal is thus to determine the business's incentives and only the method of performance appraisal and incentive system linked to better play the functions of performance appraisal, which will be the future of learning and research in the Department should continue to improve and direction.

2 state-owned enterprise managers the right to guide the conduct of operations and business direction Scientific and standardized state-owned enterprise performance evaluation system is the...
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