American Schools

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American Schools in Crisis
American schools have a big problem on their hands and that would be keeping kids in the classroom. Year after year students are failing to graduate and deciding to drop out of school. The reasons for this are far and in-between, but actions need to be taken so that this no longer happens. Staying in school is the only way to success unless you are extremely lucky. Higher levels of education can only help you in your future. As little fun as school is students need to fight their way through because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That shining light is a bright future with success in anything you want.

The dropout rates over the years have seen little or no movement in numbers. Students are continually deciding they want to leave school for whatever reason. They think this is the right way to go but they are wrong. Action needs to take place in order to take a hold of this situation and so graduation rates can begin to incline.

Most recently the main man in our government decided to take action into his own hands. He also sees the current problem in our nation's academic system. However, he doesn't really know how to approach the situation. In a recent article in TIME magazine titled Dropout Nation written by Nathan Thornburgh touched on this. Thornburgh said: "During his most recent State of the Union address, President George W. Bush promised more resources to help children stay in school, and Democrats promptly attacked him for lacking a specific plan"(Thornburgh "Dropout Nation").

The idea he came up is one that will definitely help the situation. President Bush feels that no student should be able to be left behind. This is a great way to begin to attack this problem. If no child can be left back then students would feel more confident about attending school. However, there should be some standards and limitations placed on this. Not just any student should be allowed to proceed in school. They should have...
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