American Medical Association

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American Medical Association

10 Questions Assignment

1. Who founded the AMA?

Nathan Smith Davis founded the AMA.

2. How many people are appointed on the AMA’s Board of Trustees

Twenty two men and women comprise the board.

3. What is the House of Delegates when it comes to the AMA?

The House of Delegates is the principal policy-making body of the American Medical Association. They transact all business of the Association not otherwise specifically provided for in this Constitution and Bylaws, and shall elect the general officers except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws.

4. What is the AMA’s mission?

To promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health

5. Who is eligible to be a member of the AMA?

To be a member of the American Medical Association you must be a physician, resident physician or medical student.

6. What is the annual cost of an AMA membership?

For physicians:
Annual regular membership $420
Residents and fellows:
Single-year membership $45
Three-year membership $120
Four-year membership $160
Retired physicians:
Fully retired (working 0 hours per week) $84

Single-year membership $20
Two-year membership $38
Three-year membership $54
Four-year membership $68

7. When does members have to renew their licenses?


8. What are AMA councils?

The Councils of the American Medical Association play a key role with the House of Delegates in the establishment of health policies.

9. What are a few issues the AMA are working on?

The AMA is focused on the few issues like the physician workforce, medical school admissions and physician life long learning.

10. Does the AMA have any outreach programs?

Yes, the AMA has the Physician Outreach Leaders Program, Resident Outreach Programand the Medical Student Section Outreach Program (MSSOP)
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