Medical Assisting Standards

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Medical Assistant Standards

Occupational Safety, Law & Ethics- 13SPB

The field I medicine that I choose to further my education in is medical assistant. I always knew that I wanted to give this career a chance, but I always fought it thinking another career would be better. In this paper I will touch on a few important things that anyone interested in medical assisting should know. One, the importance of professional standards, including licensure and certification, in healthcare. Secondly, stating any professional organizations that uphold these standards. Lastly, certification and licensures, along with requirements needed to enter this field. After the information given, you should have some idea on how you can obtain your dream career.

To begin, the importance of professional standards in medical assistance is that you make sure that everything the doctor need is right there. For example, you are the doctor’s right hand, so you have to make sure to exercise a certain level of profession at all times. To further elaborate, licenses and certification is extremely important because it has to be known that you are qualified to do the job you’re expected to. Without certain licenses or certification your practice can be sued, and then will be held reliable for all issues a patient suffers from. (

Next, the organization that upholds these standards for medical assistants is the American Association of Medical Assistants. To explain, the purpose of the AAMA’s is to raise the standards of medical assisting to a more professional level. Its creed is to maintain the professional standards also. These standards are in place to protect you and your potential patients. When you become a member of the AAMA you’ll have a strong support system of other medical assistance, legal help and other perks.

Furthermore, when it comes to licenses and registration to become a medical...
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