American Globalization

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The Deadly Noodle

American globalization can interfere significantly on different cultures. . In fact, this interference can endanger the traditions and make them forgotten by their own natives.

The Globalization of the U.S

American globalization is a double-edged sword with positive and negative influence towards other cultures. However, American urbanization has shown how successful and advanced society should function. It has ups and downs, yet they know profound ways to overcome what may cause a problem and how to deal with matters. For this particular reason, people all over the globe were mesmerized by their advancement. Furthermore, not only this was enough for them to lead the world, they focused more on what people would fall in love with the most. For example, one of the American biggest global aspects that became a huge part of other cultures is food. To demonstrate, the idea of fast food was first established in the U.S and eventually the whole world which cause a great impact to other culture traditional food. This interference changed people minds tremendously on food aspect. Some will not even try and cook thinking how it is wasting of time. In fact, I personally remember when I was a child I preferred to eat at MacDonald's rather than to have a meal cooked by my mother. Needless to say, due to my childish actions sure indeed I hurt her feelings. Another aspect is technology, most of the leading technological companies in the world are Americans and by far they are the best in fluffing the hunger to this generation of technology. For instance, Microsoft Company produces Indispensable products to all mankind and their products are mostly required in every working filed. Also, never forget the leading technological company in the world "Apple" which their creations invaded each house with its simplicity of use and function. In addition, America is the leading country in the entertainment industry with a magnificent record of...
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