Americanization Versus Globalization

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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For one to truly make a distinction if an items history makes it American they must first understand the meanings behind Americanization versus globalization. These terms have been confused by many as having similar meanings however by reading the chapter in the book I have come to realize the difference therefore getting a better understanding of the differences of them. The term americanization simply means the act or process of Americanizing; in short this is causing something to conform to American characteristics. On the other hand globalization is the increasing interconnectedness of all parts of the world in terms of communication, trade, business, travel, politics, and culture. This affects what we eat, what we wear, what jobs are available to us, and so on as taken from an excerpt in our book Global Issues, Local Arguments readings for writing. With a better understanding of the terms globalization and Americanization now it is important to decipher the question of an items history making it American. Before reading the chapter on globalization I definitely had my own views and opinions however once I started reading and did the global pursuit exercise it made me realize that as an American I personally looked for answers to the questions solely based on the United States when 9 out of 10 of the answers were actually those from different countries. It definitely opened my eyes and makes me view things slightly different I terms of where things come from and how they affect us. With that being said I have to say that an items history and origin would make them American if in fact they come from America. Fast food chains tend to be a hot topic when it comes to the culture of America in this case there is no argument that chains such as McDonalds are truly American. This food chain got its start in 1940 in California therefore it is a part of our American history. The fact that it started here and then branched out to other countries is enough to say yes...
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