Amending the Constitution

Topics: United States Constitution, United States Senate, Constitutional amendment Pages: 3 (577 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Amending the Constitution
Shawana Russell
POS 10: American National Government
May 14, 2013

Question #1: How Should You Begin the Process?
Step 1: Which route do you choose?
The route I chose was Congress route.
Smart start!

Why? You remembered that, historically, constitutional amendments have never been initiated at national conventions, even though that is one of the two possible methods outlined in Article V. Your decision to use the route that has proved successful in the past increases the odds of your effort succeeding. Question #2: House or Senate First?

Step 2: Which route do you choose?
The route I chose was the House First.
Great choice!

Why? You have two distinct advantages in the House that you don't have in the Senate: (1) you are a senior and respected member, and (2) a block of House members already supports the amendment. If you succeed in the House, your odds of also succeeding in the Senate are increased because the House vote may convince many skeptical senators. Question # 3: Negotiations in the House

Step 3: Whose support will you go after?
Good move!

Fiscal conservatives aren't overjoyed with your decision, because leaving in the two-thirds language will still allow the government the option to run a deficit. But, they still want some kind of amendment that will make running a deficit more difficult for the government. Moderates, on the other hand, are happy that you've sided with them. The result is that the bill passes in the House by a comfortable margin, with only a small block of the most ardent fiscal conservatives voting against it. Question #4: A Court Challenge

Step 4: What is your response?
Good choice!

As your supporters thought, the suit is thrown out. The judge rules that it is without merit. Having wasted no time on the suit, you are ready to begin working on the Senate to pass your proposal. Question #5: Negotiations in the Senate

Step 5: What is your response?
Smart move!...
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