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- An AMCAT Guide to Succeed in an Interview

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A Million Questions!!!


What is an Interview?


1. Preparation


2. The Actual Interview Process


3. Concluding the Interview


4. Telephonic Interviews


5. Stress Interviews


6. Common Pitfalls


7. Seven Success Mantras


Commonly Asked Questions




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A Million Questions!!!

 Do you know the purpose of an interview?  Are you confused about how to prepare for it?  Do you know the commonly asked questions in an interview?  Are you aware of the dress code for an interview?  What are the documents that you are required to carry?  How is a telephonic interview different from a normal one?

What is an Interview? A job interview is a process in which a candidate is evaluated by employers for prospective employment in their company, organization or firm. It is a platform used to determine whether the candidate is suitable for a particular profile/position by assessing if he/she possesses the required skill set and the motivation to work in the organization. An interview can be scary when you don‟t know what lies ahead. The duration of an interview can range anywhere from ten minutes to one hour, but it is typically about 30 minutes long. It begins with greetings and basic personal questions where the interviewer gets to know you. This is followed by a discussion of your credentials where the interviewer evaluates you. The interview is concluded by the interviewer discussing the next steps. The entire interview process is carried out as a series of rounds, which consist of one or more technical rounds and an HR round. However, some companies choose to have only technical rounds. ©2013 All rights reserved by Aspiring Minds Assessment (P) Ltd



Technical Round: In this round the interviewer tests the technical acumen of a candidate with respect to the job profile. The preparation for this round is profile specific and would depend on the industry that the company belongs to. A lot of it would be covered in your course-work at college if the company you are appearing for is core to your stream. HR Round: This is the final round of the interview process and only the candidates who clear the technical round appear for the HR round. In this round the HR of the company tries to judge the candidate on a personal and a professional level to see whether he or she would fit into the company well enough or not. The questions here are generally non-technical and more inclined towards personal and professional evaluation. The thought of your first interview can be a little unnerving, but good preparation can allow you to beat the blues and take maximum advantage of the opportunity. Once again, Aspiring Minds‟ very own Tippy is there to your rescue. Let us begin.

Research your Employer: Research the company you are applying to, very thoroughly. The internet is an excellent tool for this exercise. Go to the company‟s website and read about them – their mission statement, vision, their clients, job profiles, media reports and all other relevant information. Try to get in touch with a senior/acquaintance who is already working for the company. It would be better if you are able to assimilate data about what personality traits they prefer in their employees and gain knowledge about the work culture of the company. This will enable you to gauge whether you fit into the company, how well you fit into the company and if the company allows you to project your strengths accordingly. It will not only help you to be better prepared and make you ore confident but also give you an insight about the company for your own good as you will be able to take a call on whether this company is really the right company for you.

Practice: The interview is...
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