Albania, History and Reality

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Albania is a country in south-eastern Europe with surface area of 28748 km2. it boards Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro and is always 70 km by sea from Italy. Famous Albanian includes Gjergj Katriot Skandergeg and Mother Tereza. Having lived in different period and having done different works they are very close to each-other through their message on what Albania was and what it should be.

Gjergj Kastrioti united Albanians in a struggle to resist an international power on behalf of the European civilization. He wrote some important pages in history of Albania and christianism. Mother Tereza of Calcuta reputation speaks for itself. While she lived and worked far from Albania, Albanians are proud to be her compatriots. in her idea and also work they see the same humanism that is embodied in their national conscious. More than any other country in the region communities of different religion beliefs lived in a unique harmony in Albania. Mother Teresa and Gjergj Kastrioti were not Albanians by chance.

Today, the 3 and a half millions Albanians of the Republic of Albania are just a central piece of 6 millions of Albanians living in the Balkans a very dynamic part of the 56 million people in regional market. This vast Albanian speaking market is characterized by its young age, its need for integrity and above of all its desire for development.

50% of population in Albania is under 30. One in 4 people in Albania has a university degree and thousands of young people graduate from the country’s education system each year. While there are several universities in Albania, there is a current massive trend of studding abroad, particularly in western countries. Young graduates, they receive their degrees in USA, Italy, France and Germany have increased the human potentials and standards in labor market significantly.

The capital of the Albania is Tirana, the most important metropolis within the country. Tirana has become the focal point of the majority of the Albanian human energies. Tirana is growing rapidly and it is young out one of the most dynamic capitals in Europe.

When people visit Albania, they soon realize that is a country of surprising natural beauty and reach historical and cultural heritage. Within two or three hours and a few kilometers of traveling visitors can touch wonderful valleys, tearasell rivers, sandy and rocky seaside, green, blue and white landscape. And as you observe the generosity of nature you can also see that the human hand has created beauty as well. The land of Eagles has internally been on boarders … of while it also embodies culture, legends, and well known characters. Here we can find the price of Eneas, the war of Alexander the Great, the campaigns of…. , the schools where Romans impose learning, masters who talks the role of Cicero and other famous people in history. Imperators, kings, popes, heroes, rulers, and other historical figures are undeniably sons of this country.

Butrint, it is one of the most elegant cities of antiquity, its urban organization, works of art and building are a clear proof of this. While it dates back in the 7th century BC signs of much earlier elements has been covered in his facility. It is a UN heritage protected site.

Apolonia, perhaps is difficult to believe that 25 hundred years ago some where is south-east of Albania there was a city with more than 50 thousands inhabitants. That city was one of the most important ports of the period. The apollonian columns and couple ways and are today ancient witnesses of the magnificent city.

Durrah, it has been one most important sea port of Albania for 2 thousand hundred years. Romans loved this city. Durrah had one of the first universities in Europe. Its amphitheatre is one of the biggest in the Balkans. The city was the starting point of the famous Egnatia which is an ancient version of 8th Pan –European transportation corridor.

The Byzantine period gave Albania artists and works...
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