Al Salam Hospital

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Al Salam Hospital

Prepared by: Ban Faisal, Mariam Riad, Nancy Mustafa, Mohamed Magdy Al Kady Prepared for: Dr. Ahmed Dief
Date: January 10th, 2012

Table Of Contents|
| Page|
Executive Summary| 2|
Process Description at Al Salam Hospital| 2|
Service concept| 4|
Target Market Segment| 5|
Distinctive Characteristics of the Service at Al-Salam| 5| The service package| 6|
The Service’s Strategic Insights| 7|
An open systems view of service| 9|
Service delivery system| 9|
Differentiation| 10|
Barriers to entry| 10|
Operating Strategy| 10|
Quality| 11|
Competitive service strategies| 11|
Porter’s five forces| 11|
SWOT Analysis| 12|
AL Salam hospital tries to win customers (service winners) in market place by several characteristics| 13| Qualifiers| 13|
Service winners| 13|
Service losers| |
Competitive role of information| |
Virtual value chain| |
Limits of using information| |
Service firm competitiveness| |
Service Design Elements| |
Taxonomy of Service Process| |
Customer as a Co-Producer| |
Design Considerations for High Contact Services| |
Information Empowerment| |
Problems| |
Improvements | |
Conclusion | |
Appendix 1| |
Appendix 2| |
Appendix 3| |
Appendix 4| |

Executive Summary:
This report outlines the tasks that were requested in the project description, and they are the following: * Description of the selected service
* The description and analysis of the four aspects that we chose * Our Recommendations and Improvements
This report outlines the service delivery process at Al Salam Hospital in Mohandseen focusing on the out-patient clinic along with our evaluation of the service there. We visited the hospital several times and also played the role of patients there. We made reservations and were examined by several doctors (e.g. internal medicine doctor, ear nose and throat, chest and ophthalmology,…etc). We also interviewed one of the doctors (cardiology) for the purpose of gaining more information. Based on our visits and the interviews we made we were able to gain enough information to evaluate the offered service and prepare our report. This report was prepared by Ban Faisal, Mariam Riad, Nancy Mustafa and Mohamed Magdi Al Kady. Process Description at Al Salam Hospital:

Al Salam Hospital has 2 buildings, the first one is located on the main street, is the hospital itself, for surgeries, patient hospitalization and it has the blood testing lab and x-rays. The second building which is located on a side street near to the main building is the out-patient clinics. The first step for being examined in one of the hospital’s Out-Patient clinics, is to select the desired doctor, according to the specialty and available times. The patient can acquire the needed information through the hospital’s website (, through the telephone or through personal inquiry at the hospital. Reservation Details:

Then, the patient should make a reservation. There are two ways to make a reservation either by the telephone or by going directly to the clinics’ reception. This depends on the doctor, some doctors allow reservation through the telephone and others only allow reservation to be done directly at the out-patient clinic along with payment. If the patient is making his reservation at the clinic, then he can make it on the same day as the desired time or a few days in advance depending on the availability of appointments. There are several payment categories; the patients who will pay normally, the ones who have an insurance that gives them a discount (partial or full) and there are members of unions who usually get a partial discount that varies according to the union. Reservation Process

The patients head to the reservation area that is set near the main entrance. There are two windows located one for the...
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