Ais 630

Topics: User interface, User interface design, Computer Pages: 4 (686 words) Published: October 2, 2010
630April 2010
(a) (PAGE39) a survey which is the 1st step in system developmnt life cycle, it is not in depth investigation n covers nature, objective n scope of SDLC. (b) Preliminary investigation Report

To: Top management of KTK
From: Fatimah
Date: 31 August 2010
Intro :
Investigation of Manual Purchasing System of KTK.
System request:
Computerization of the manual purchasing system
Time and cost estimates:
Expected benefits:
(c) (PAGE25,26)
ERP are groups of software applications integrated to form enterprise information system. Workflows can be prescribed to automate approval processes through established chains of command. Etc etc etc... Reasons for ERP:

a. Intergrated financial system
b. Intergrated customer order info
c. Standardize & speed up manufacturing process.
d. Reduce inventory
e. Standardize HR intergration.
(a) (page109 - 111) 3 types of CASE tools:
a. Prototyping tools
b. Data design tools
c. Programming tools
d. Diagramming tools
(b) (PAGE131) end user uses computer technology ratehr than relying on system professionals. Risk associated with them: e. Lack skills required since they are amateur
f. Poorly controlled system
g. System incompabilities
h. Duplication and waste of resources
(c) (PAGE148) coomon type of user interface design:
i. Meny
j. Prompt
k. Template

(a) (PAGE137)Characteristics of quality information system: a. Better than the old ones
b. Input&output are accurate – the system should provide an audit trail that allows user to trace transaction from their sources & confirm that they are correctly handled. c. Flexible – so that it can be easily maintained

d. Provide fast response – efficient input & output, sufficient storage of data & computer...
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