Airport Planning

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Airport planning requires more intensive study and fore thought as compared to planning of other modes of transport. This is because aviation is the most dynamic industry and its forecast is quite complex. Planning is a specialized phase of air development before design can begin. The most efficient plan for an airport is that which provides the required capacity for aircrafts, passenger cargo, and vehicle movements, with maximum passenger, operator & staff convenience at lowest capital & operating costs. Flexibility & expandability should be considered in conjunction and are fundamental to all aspects of planning. Unlike rail, road and water transportation, air transportation has yet not reached a steady state in design. It is very difficult to predict for the airport, satisfying the present need, whether this airport, shall prove adequate for the new types of aircraft which may emerge 10 years hence.

General Considerations

1.2 Purpose of a master plan
A. An airport master plan presents planner’s concept of ultimate development of an airport. It is a guide for:- i. Development of physical facilities in the airport
ii. Development of land uses of areas surrounding the airport iii. Determination of environmental impacts of airport construction & operation iv. Establishment of airport access requirements.

B Among other things, an aerodrome master plan is used to: i. Provide short- and long-range policy/decision guidance ii. Identify potential problems as well as opportunities iii. Assist in securing financial aid

iv. Serve as a basic for negotiation between the aerodrome authority /concessionaire interests v. General local interest and support.

1.2.1 Development of physical Facilities in the airport
Major factors to be considered are the following.

1.2.1.a) Airport planning process
The airport master plan with its recommended development projects will be of interest to a diversity of people and organizations including local & national organizations, aerodrome users, planning agencies, conservation groups, airline & other aviation interests. If these groups are not consulted prior & during master planning, there will be great risk of delay datas are to be collected from national and local government agencies, International air transport association (IATA) regional offices, Direct General Civil Aviation. Also, where master planning is being under taken for an existing airport, records kept by the airport management, airlines and other tenants can be useful Preparation and collection of meaningful data on the use of an airport such as volume and composition of traffic, aircrafts to be handled, cost of transportation and related tariffs, financial situation of airlines using the airport, government transportation polices and regulations etc are basic to sound master planning. Sound airport master planning requires reliable forecasting techniques and meaningful, statistical data on which future planning can be based

Regional Planning
The planning of an airport should be done considering the air traffic needs of the nation as a whole rather than an individual locality. Airport planning including the airport administration, if not done on a regional basis, would seriously impair the effective air traffic services of the country. It may further result in surplus or shortage of airport facilities on regional basis. Improper location of airport in relation to the areas served would result in unrealistic planning and undesirable air space conflicts. Airport planning on regional basis avoids the creation of separate airports by individual jurisdiction. If airports are located in close vicinity and if the locations are not properly co-ordinated, the total capacity and the efficacy of the airports will be greatly reduced. Planning on regional basis would also enable to implement...
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